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Default Re: Your Next RPG should be The Witcher -- NEW SCREENSHOTS!

I don't knoiw... I have a bit bad feelings about games based on books... in the same way that I don't like movies based on games...

I hope they don't screw up the storyline.


OK, from the little info available about the storyline I gather that this games is a CONTINUATION of the events portrayed in the books.

If that's the case, I'm not buying this game.

I made a big post before about why BG3 shouldn't be produced. I feel even more strongly about this here.

A good story must have a beginning and an *end*. What I really hate is a story that is just being continued and continued and continued.

I really loved the books. But the story there got FINISHED. Why would someone want to necromanize it, dig it up and try to continue it is beyond me.

I hope I'm wrong here. I hope that the game story is about events in the book. Not a continuation.

Crap. They make such a great game and they can't come up with a good storyline. Is it that difficult to create a new story?

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