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Default Re: Your Next RPG should be The Witcher!

Originally Posted by Ziroc View Post
Yeah, I know what you mean. Gamespot and IGN are up in the publishers asses, and give reviews for $$ pretty much (Ad sales).. Remember when Computer Gaming World was young, and Scorpia was dead honest about games? I miss those days.
I don't know about those, it's probably before my time.

The current trend in the USA is 'release the game' then find bugs. I've noticed Eurogaming companies have been polishing their games up more lately. This game HAS been in the works for 5 years, so you know they poured their hearts into it, to make it right. (We hope)

Seeing 'Atari' as the publisher is a bit of a downer though. They are known for pushing out KNOWN bugged games and not giving to craps about it. I believe the witcher will be an exception though. CD Projekt is a VERY good game studio.
Yeah it's a sad thing games must be released before they are done. I sure hope the Witcher will be a big break from all the 'new' RPG's because I'm itching for some good old character building and seeing the results ingame. Arcanum was the last in that regard.
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