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Wow Your Next RPG should be The Witcher -- NEW SCREENSHOTS!

I have been watching the development of this game for like, five years now. It uses the Neverwinter ONE aurora engine--which has been TOTALLY upgraded to look better than Bioshock even. But it's the ROLEPLAYING aspect that looks amazing--Fallout 1 amazing.

They are getting ready for release soon! I may have to make a Forum for this killer Game. It will also come with an editor. So mods are going to be made too.
Bioware has just publicly said they recommend the game--It won best of show at E3 for RPG's. IGN and Gamespot are raving about it, and say its one of 2007's most anticipated RPG Games!
I've been talking about it for a few years in the Misc. Games forum, but I wanted to post this HERE, so more of you see it. THIS could be what Neverwinter Nights was SUPPOSED to be.

The only 'down' side is you don't get to make a character or have a party. BUT, with the editor, and mods, I think that could change!
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