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Hey all!

I was looking at Gamespot's rumor control when I saw that entry aout Troika. I would be sad to see them go because I am one of those poor fools who is still hoping for Arcanum 2!

I know the ToEE was sort of a flop (i personally liked it except for 3.5 rules--2nd edition rules may be simple and character limiting, but they still appeal to me for some reason), Arcanum was not super popular, and I don't know how the new Vampire game is doing, but it would still be a shame to see them go.

They are one of the few developers who like turn based combat, which is my preference. It may be too slow for some people, but I like tactical combat because you can plan EVERY move, instead of sometimes flailing around (like I did sometimes in the BG games,even with autopause--I know, I suck!).

I know many people aren't too fond of Troika or their games, but I am a sicko and hope they stay around for a while and make some more games.

Thanks for listening to my meandering ramble!
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