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Says so here....
Sony, it seems, has great plans for the PSP including the development of a music download service targeting owners of the handheld. Details of the plan are currently being developed by Sony which plans to use its gaming device to challenge Apple's domination of the music download market.

In another example of gaming being used as a portal to access people's pockets, Sony has decided that its current Connect content service, which until recently did not support the .mp3 format, is not the way to go and hopes that the Playstation brand name will be enough to give it the edge.

The PSP, Sony has repeatedly stressed, is a multimedia device capable of playing back high quality audio and video. The plans call for the use of the device's wireless connectivity capabilities to connect to the service and select the downloads. The same connectivity has been extensively tested for use with the PSPs automatic updating system so the framework is there for content delivery.

Opening up such a service, using wireless connectivity to retrieve credit card and other sensitive information will be a very big challenge to keep secure but we hope that Sony will seriously address all those issues before asking for people's money
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