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Originally posted by Dron_Cah:
Just thought I would say that comparing the use of anasthesia and cloning/genetic manipulation seems rather silly. Very different things happening there, and people are against this for very different reasons. And yes, I am against cloning. The role of God is reserved for one, and that should be fairly obvious.
Also, everyone may not be as "emotionally needy" as Someguy, but their thoughts and feelings should be respected, as well. Perhaps if we're such the democratic peoples, we should vote on such things?
I wasn't comparing the two subjects technologically, but rather the social attitudes about the subjects. As we learned to understand the benefits and risks associated with anaesthesia, we accepted it's use. So too I think we will eventually accept genetic manipulation and cloning, once we get beyond the fear and superstition.
By the way, there are two major deities in my belief, neither of whom has a problem with cloning... do I win by majority rule? [img]smile.gif[/img]