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Originally posted by javan:
"And at Stanford University in California an experiment might be done later this
year to create mice with human brains."

Note from ACME labs:


I think they are on to us...


The Brain

Sweet. It would be a nice complement to the mouse-brained humans currently in our government...

To address the issue:
Yes please, and make mine a double.
The debate over cloning/genetic manipulation reminds me of the 19th century debate over the medical use of anaesthetics: There was concern that using anaesthesia during procedures was a sin, as it deprived people of the 'transforming' experience of pain which we were 'meant' to experience.
As in anything, understanding is the key: developing potentially damaging lifeforms and releasing them into a balanced ecosystem would be quite stupid. (see the cane toad problem for an example). If this is approached with understanding and clear intent, it could be a phenomenal boon to all species.
Personally I would like to see developed an airborne virus that renders stupid people infertile.
Yes I really do mean that. I'm an awesome elitist bastard.

(edited to incorporate a brilliant, spot-on observation)

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