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Originally posted by SomeGuy:
But it IS a sacred construct, but that's a whole 'nother topic which I'm not allowed to bring up. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Yeah, ok, whatever man.


Anyway, you know, I think it's wrong and all, the cloning thing, because well, say we clone another human, they'll have the capability to think like us etc etc, what would prohibit them from realizing they're just another experiment, another shell? I know I wouldn't want to live knowing I was just a genetic experiment, no real family members, knowing there's a possibility that they'll clone something better than me and I'll just be obsilite. Etc etc.
That's you. You wouldn't survive well in that sort of world. Fine. You don't have to. But there will also be others who are not raised to value the same things as you (family ties, being 'wanted' by others etc) that would do quite well as laboratory-produced lifeforms. You assume that everyone is as emotionally needy and sensitive as you, when that simply isn't the case. And to hold back the possibilities that this technology brings simply because you are afraid of the unknown is quite simply a waste of potential.
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