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While I can see the value of cloning and gene splicing and stuff like that when it comes to curing disease, making nutrient rich food products (though franken-food is still borderline scary), and stuff, this kind of thing scares the crap outta me. Yes it's inevitable, and in all likelihood happening at this very moment, I think it is wholey and utterly wrong. I'm not religious, but where do we get off with screwing with nature like this? I think people who want to clone themselves are both horrendously ignorant and arrogant, and those who want to clone deceased loved ones and pets are just insanely stupid. it is NOT going to be the same person/pet! yes some of what makes you look/behave/think/feel they way you do is genetically encoded but a hell of a lot of it is also a matter of environment and life experience. what makes you think the world needs more of you around? and what about the clone? what rights do they have to living a normal life, the life that everyone is entitled to?

sorry about the rant, but this sorta thing scares, annoys, and infuriates me. but then again, you did ask for opinions
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