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When I moved 8 hours away from home for school it was the first time I had ever moved in my entire life (I was in the same bedroom from 3-18), and also was the first time my twin brother and I had ever been seperated for an extended period of time (which believe me was a godsend, we annoy the crap outta each other, I'm a female dog and he's a donkey's butt). I never lived in the dorms down here in C-town, but my best friend did and we like to joke that it was the trads (traditional dorms) that gave her cancer again. that and eating the cafeteria food.

Anyway, I live in a house that my dad bought this summer (oh don't think I don't get crap about that from my siblings "mm, daddy bought you a house!") I live with 3 guys, and am the only girl here. you meet a lot of "interesting" people when sharing a place with strangers. I have all the normal stuff you find in a house, but no microwave. yes that's right, I had to learn how to cook actual food on an actual stove (which I've now mastered). I still remember my friends asking me how I made things like soup or rice, course these are also the same people who didn't know you could make pudding on the stove before instant pudding, or buy actual whipig cream and whip it up yourself.

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