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I'm going to Groningen, because it's rated as the number 1 Law-faculty. I'm already a student, my first year is in Leeuwarden, so I travel between my parents home and school, but next year I have to go to Groningen.

I've been looking into these studentflats, some people recommend them, some find it aweful. Offcourse, number 1 BIG issue: shared shower and toilet. I could care less about the kitchen, I'll buy a microwave-oven combi. Argh, the mere thought of it. There has been a major change of rules in those flats the last couple of years though, no more wild animal stuff. Keep it clean or get out is the main policy now, but I have yet to see it. Point is, financially speaking I can only afford the studentflat the upcoming year. After that I can go more private. But you do only get a small room, a total of 14 students on one floor and everything you need is shared. But since so many people have done this for so long and now that the rules have become more strict I doubt it can be that bad. Maybe they have more than 1 of each facility, I hope

Ah heck, I've been with the marine corps for a while, how bad can a bunch of students be [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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