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Don't know how it goes in the Netherlands, but here, the more rooms you have, the more you pay. Lots of folks lived in dormitories (me too), where you might have one to three roommates, and might have either communal bathrooms (one set for the floor, my first year) or suite bathrooms (a sink, toilet, and shower between each pair of rooms, my later years).

Some folks rented houses, and the more you got, the cheaper the rent became (overall). Dividing up the bills is a pain, though... and if the guy responsible for paying electricity doesn't do it, you all suffer...

The good thing about going from home to dorms is that you're probably going from one room (bedroom) to one room (everything). Later on, you accumulate more stuff and need a house to keep it in (right, Larry? ).

The nicest thing about uni living is that you can change your mind every year, and sometimes every semester. If it's not working, do something else.

Have fun!
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