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Originally posted by JrKASperov: Where are you going to study Zuvio? I'm doing that right now in Utrecht, Physics at the University here. I live in a temporary room where I can stay until next year somewhere. It's basically an old old-people-flat(how DO you say that).
A room in a former home for the elderly?

I live with a friend of my girlfriend in an appartment there, which means, no sharing of kitchen or bathroom. But most of the student flats have shared kitchens and bathrooms. Which means you have to make arrangements who cooks and does dishes all the time. Something I hope never have to do. I prefer to do that stuff in my own time.
Umm, sharing a kitchen doesn't mean you have to cook together and do each other's dishes. I've been living on my own for nearly 5 years and I've never done that. You share the kitchen, not the meals and chores.
I do admit it can get filthy when there's other people using the same kitchen, and for that reason I'm looking forward to finding a place for myself. I do have my own shower, would never want to share that (except with my boyfriend of course [img]tongue.gif[/img] )

But where are you going to live Zuvio? Have you already found something?
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