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Don't wanna rewrite everything Bungleau, said so will just add: yeah don't have the same IP address, but DO have the same subnet mask, i.e. in this case, make sure the first 3 set of numbers are the same in the IP address.

If it's not wireless and you want to directly connect to another comp, you need a crossover cable (labelled x-over on the cable itself) to switch over the receive and transmit signals, which is normally done by the hub.

LOL so they're calling 802.11b/g wireless b/g now eh? I guess you can't expect people to remember a number...

yeah g would be best, since it supports much higher data rates than b, although it can go back to the slower rate in case a b type card is part of the network - although if you have just 1 b card, the whole net will operate at the lowest common data rate, or so I've heard.
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