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Originally posted by ladyzekke:
Ugg, that woman must have been totally deranged Violet. At least the only one harmed physically was her. That's almost considered a good story in comparison with some of the things I hear and read on the news. Like that freak who killed some woman and cut out her baby and tried to pass it off as her own. I swear I hope they put her away for life, she has quite a messed up background and flushed baby hamsters down the toilet in front of her kids. Such a lovely one...
I am sure she isn't in her right mind. Above all, I hope that her child is never returned to her custody, no matter how much rehabilitation she goes through. Sterilize her while they are at it too I say.
I know about the baby-from-the-womb theft you mentioned but had no idea about the hamsters. Sometimes a deepeer look into the psyche of killers is just what we don't need. Who knows how messed up her kids are going to end up over it.
Definite kids to pray for, that's for sure.
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