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Originally posted by Bungleau:
Hmmm... in a McDonald's playground, I might have insisted they take me to their parents... or else I'd take them to the restaurant manager and have the manager call the police. That might have an impact on them... might make them see that I'm serious.
Yes, I should have demanded to know who the parents or gaurdians were of these two kids when I jerked them off the playground. But when they kid attacked my son, I lost all rationale thought. As they finally left, one was with his dad and the one that tried to kick my son was with his grandmother. But what amazes me to this day is the fact that NOBODY stood up to do anything about ME going crazy on these kids. My voice is rather loud and carries a long way under normal conditions, but this was in a veritable fishbowl setting and I was literally yelling at the top of my voice. I'm sure people could hear me all the way to the counter, but NOBODY came up to me and said "HEY, what the heck do you think you're doing to these kids?" And I'm especially amazed that neither the father or the grandmother stood up and said "Get your hands off my kid". Yet noone seemed to take ANY notice of my actions.

Originally posted by Bungleau:
Part of the issue comes down to the age-old discussion of whether or not they can be rehabilitated -- whether they can learn to live like the higher-order beings they really are. It can be done -- I got busted for shoplifting in my teens, and I've never had the urge or inclination to do it since.
There is a big difference between shoplifting and deliberately torturing helpless animals. As I and another poster mentioned, such cruelty to animals is a warning sign of a sociopathic mentality. We've probably ALL broken rules at one time or another, but most of these were relatively minor violations. To be able to get enjoyment from inflicting so much pain and suffering on another living creature warns of a very dangerous mentality in the individual - one that I feel can NOT ever be "corrected" with counseling. The only solution is to lock them away from society forever once it's proven conclusively that they are sociopathic.
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