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Good thoughts, Cerek. I think part of what we have evolved to in some parts of the world is an obligation (felt, moral, or otherwise) that those *in* positions of authority and power are supposed to help, protect, or defend those who are not in those positions.

Hence, your defense of your son. And frankly, I would do the same thing to protect my kids -- not because I'm their dad, but because they're not able to defend themselves against that kind of action at this point in time. I certainly don't want to be doing it forever -- at some point, they need to leave the nest -- but in a situation like that, I'm up there with you. The downside would be that I might have to explain a whole lot of language to them afterwards...

Hmmm... in a McDonald's playground, I might have insisted they take me to their parents... or else I'd take them to the restaurant manager and have the manager call the police. That might have an impact on them... might make them see that I'm serious.

Part of the issue comes down to the age-old discussion of whether or not they can be rehabilitated -- whether they can learn to live like the higher-order beings they really are. It can be done -- I got busted for shoplifting in my teens, and I've never had the urge or inclination to do it since.

It worked on me. Would it work on them? I don't know. It depends on a lot of things, including the environment and behavior of those around these kids, including their parents and peers. Part of what I'd be curious about is what led them to a point in life where something like setting a cat on fire was a reasonable thing to consider doing... unless the catalysts behind that are changed, little else will change with it.
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