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Originally posted by Arnabas:
I am not quite sure I understand what you're trying to say. I prefer to avoid having a knee-jerk reaction, but it seems to me that you're saying we need to bring more violence back to society (encourage vitality)and that equal-rights are bad. You also mention people needing to be reminded of their "station".

I think Hiero is not trying to say equal rights as a concept are bad, but more along the lines of "in the places where supposedly there are equal rights, most of the times it's a lie". In other words, even in the western world there is no such thing as equal rights, yet we are led to believe so.
Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, Aaron

Originally posted by Arnabas:
So, if you come across a guy in a wheelchair who is trying to overcome his disability and make himself the equal of a non-wheelchair-bound person (not that they aren't already equal), you would be within your rights to beat the crap out of him to "show him his place"?

The answer to this question would probably be the same as I wrote above, but this is how *I* see it, and you can agree or disagree, but it's my opinion. People today consider themselves more advanced and (in a sense) better than people a few centuries ago. We are smarter, we are more sophisticated than we used to, we are technologically more advanced, and so on, yet we've completely lost track of the way nature works. We try to ban all violence, we disapprove the violent way animals solve their disputes, hell, we even try to conquer death by finding medicine after medicine, by giving everyone who has even the slightest chance to life a life and by making rule upon rule to ensure a society without the basic things nature revolves around. And this may sound extremely harsh, but isn't it true that in the end, it's all a survival of the fittest?

Am I wrong to believe such a thing? Am I challenging a 'moral code', which, if I might add, only exist in the eyes of a human? You won't see animals behave to way humans do, and that's not saying we're better, or special, we're different. We back off from phenomena that have existed for like eternity, and for what? Please give me an explanation, because I fail to see one at first hand.

Originally posted by Arnabas:
I certainly hope I am misunderstanding your point, because it certainly *seems* that you are saying only the strong should have rights and anyone with any sort of disadvantage should be beat down and kept in their place.

I think there's a difference between having the power to execute violence, and actually committing a violent act to enforce your higher position in the hierarchy.

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