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Originally posted by Xen:
That's very sad. Unfortunately people are evil and have destructive nature. For me I think it's easier to hurt a human being then an animal.
ok, what if a bear attacked and ate everyone you loved and cared for and nawed off both your legs?
although i suppose you would feel just as angry if a human did the same... but if you killed the bear you would get in less trouble from the authorities i guess...

i do understand what you mean, but it is a human's nature to care less for a being below itself, for example; you would not think twice about killing a fly, what about a human below you? a baby? i doubt it
it's a kind of empathy for one's own kind i think, what i'm getting at is the reason you would be hurting a human is with reason, if you did it without reason it is different, and it is difficult to compare, you can hardly say something offensive to an animal, you would have to physically abuse both the human and the animal, add to that whether the animal understands why it is being abused... and yeah, it's difficult.

this whole issue is complex, but i stand by the opinion that it simply should happen in our supposed developed society.
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