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I recently was trying to use my A: drive and the computer doesn't want to do anything with it. I tried to open the A: drive Icon in "my computer" and the program sat there a good long time and finally told me what I already knew "program not responding".

I thought perhaps that I needed to boot with a disk in, and I tried this; and the result was the same.

Now, I dunno if theres a virus or malware problem or if it just isn't set up properly; as this computer is my momma's and I don't use it that often. My nephew does however and I tried to keep his DL-ing to a minimum as to keep this as clean and efficient as possible.

The laptop I have isn't on line so my DLs have to be transfered via drive A: OR I have to wait until I get the connection, so I'd prefer not only to not wait; but also to resolve any problems that the desktop may have. Any and all advice welcome.

Thanx in advance,
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