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So do you think Terrel Owens should play even though the doctors haven't given him clearance?

I was watching a debate on a sports show yesterday and one of the guys said that - even when T.O. was healthy in San Francisco - he consistently came up short in the big games. He was great in the regular season, but he had a tendency to choke in the post-season.

A poll in Philadelphia showed that over half of the fans there felt he should NOT come back unless the ankle is 100% (or very close to it). They felt he would hurt the team instead of help it. They have done well without him so far and putting him now might just create a big distraction for the rest of the team.

I understand that T.O. wants to be on the field for his first SuperBowl, but he could end up tearing his ankle apart and missing a big portion (if not all) of next season too. Plus, I have always felt that Terrel was a glory-hound who cares more about his personal stats than he does the team, but that's just me.
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