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My hat is off to both of the winning teams. The Eagles simply dominated the Falcons. It was simply a matter of the more experienced team winning. BOTH teams shot themselves in the foot on more than one occasion. Atlanta held Philly to a 3-and-out series, only to have a stupid penalty give Philly the ball back and an automatic first down. Philly went on to score their first touchdown in the game. I think it would have been a HUGE momentum shift if Atlanta had NOT committed that foul and gotten the ball back. They would have had decent field position and another chance to put more points on the board. Instead, Philly got their first touchdown and gained a big boost to their morale. Of course, Philly also committed some stupid fouls later in the game that led to Atlanta scores, but it was too little too late.

As for the Patriots and Steelers, I really wanted Pittsburgh to win. But New England showed exactly why they've won the last two SuperBowls. They were unbelievable.

As for the Big Game itself, the Eagles are my sentimental favorite. It's been 34 years (IIRC) since they were in the SuperBowl last time - and as far as I know - they have never won (they lost to the Oakland Raiders in 1980). So I would like to see them win this year...but after watching the Patriots Sunday night, I just don't know if the Eagles can pull it off or not. The odds certainly aren't in their favor.
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