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LOL, Ivellis - the Lou and Andy sketches are classics. It's great to see another fan. [img]smile.gif[/img]

How about the one where they go to get a birthday card for Andy's brother?

"We need to get Declyn a card for his birthday"
"Who's Declyn?"
"Declyn's your brother"
"Yeah I know"
"So, which card shall we get him?"
"I want that one"
"...But that says 'with deepest sympathies', that's what you send when someone dies..."
"Yeah I know"
"But Declyn like sailing boats, what about this one? This has a sailing boat on it"
"I want that one"
"Are you sure this is the card you want to send your brother Declyn for his birthday?"
"Yeah yeah yeah"

*They leave*

"It's his birthday, he's not dead!"

*Throws card on ground*


And the Prime Minister's gay secretary?

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