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Hmmm I'm fine with my voice now, I didn't used to like it when I was a teenager, it was less deep. As long as I can rap and sound remotely menacing

As for my accent, well I used to have a really "common" southern english accent, you know like "I ain't goin' down town today man, iss freezin'"

But in the last few years and especially the last few months as work's got more serious, I've had to have more technical discussions with more foreigners who can't understand a word I say if I speak like the above. So I speak really clearly to them and this has become a habbit, so I've started sounding quite well-spoken, not posh, just well spoken and it's really bad for my bad-boy image I dunno what to do, I can't keep changing accents!

In short, I don't really want anyone else's voice or accent, although the guy who did Ben in the game Full Throttle and Wolverine in the newer X-Men cartoons has a cool voice.

Hehe, we should all do a voice recording of ourselves saying something and host it somewhere, then we can vote on who has the coolest/scariest/wimpiest etc. voice

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