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I just started playing this game today... I love being a ranger. I love the instanced zones so I don't have to be around all the losers who seem gravitationally attracted to this game; like a hobo to a ham sandwich.


Name: Valdris Wolfbane
Prof: Ranger/Monk
Level: Six (as of this second)
Edit: -0500 EST

I've done a lot of the side quests, but haven't even begun the main quest! =O My current pet is that Stalker thing you get in the quest where Charm Animal is received; love the pet Much easier to kill stuff with it, and all the smiting + healing prayers make soloing much more viable than I heard it was supposed to be, and when I get a henchman it should be that much easier... I don't like how limited I am in skill choosing though and that I have to return to a town or outpost to switch them out.

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