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mpetra 11-30-2001 04:16 PM

Which is better for a solo assassin?

Aelia Jusa 11-30-2001 05:05 PM

I'm not sure what your question is. You will get the thief stronghold when you do the appropriate quest. Do you want to know what is a good sword for an assasin?

mpetra 11-30-2001 05:09 PM

sorry - very cryptic. I'm a newbie solo assassin and just completed Renal's quest. He offers me the guild as stronghold but if I turn it down I get Backstabbing sword +3. Can't decide which to take. Does anyone have an opinion?

Mack_Attack 11-30-2001 05:16 PM

Go ahead and take the stronghold and have some fun with it. There is going to be some other swords down the long run that are just going to be as good. There is nothing to special about the sword(IMO).

Aelia Jusa 11-30-2001 05:17 PM

Oh, okay [img]smile.gif[/img] Btw welcome Mpetra [img]graemlins/happywave.gif[/img]

Hmmm, really? I don't remember that option when I played a thief... well, a stronghold is good to have - place to store your stuff, and the thief stronghold gives you money. But that sword does sound useful for a solo assasin... And you won't come across a better sword for quite some time; there's a +4 short sword somewhere, but quite a bit later, I think.

dwarf 13 11-30-2001 06:19 PM

Welcome to the board!

Go with the stronghold. In the long run, the money will probably be helpful, plus, the stronghold will give you more experience.

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