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Lothar 11-27-2001 09:04 PM

Is there a trigger for the romance with her. Does she have any preferences? Ive had her for a while and I havent heard a thing.

Aelia Jusa 11-28-2001 03:41 AM

She doesn't like elves, or half-elves... actually I think only humans work with her, or half-orcs with a patch. This may be your problem.

Zbyszek 11-28-2001 04:07 AM

My half-elf had very successfull romance with Viconia :D .
She will romance with human and half-elf only, as far as I know.
The only trigger I know is to free her and let join.

Lothar 11-28-2001 04:16 PM

Well this sux. I go all this way and I cant even start a romance. Oh viconia my sweet. What fun we could have had serving diced humans to the demon lord. Oh well. :( :( :(

shadowhound 11-30-2001 05:43 AM

I am a elf and so far i think i am almost there with verinia.

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