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Wyvern 07-02-2002 02:45 PM

Okay - For a long time I have dithered about contemplating whether or not I should just post some hacking lessons and let you players "have at it". Most of the time I decided against doing this because you can really (REALLY) mess up your game if you don't take basic precautions.

I taught myself to hack back when Wiz6 was new and I needed to replay the game very quickly just to check my notes for the walkthru I was writing. I have since hacked numerous games for a variety of reasons.
I am not a master of hacking by any stretch of the imagination but I do know enough to teach you all how to really get yourselves into a lot of trouble. ;)

So here's the deal - Do you want me to corrupt your innocent game playing by posting a thoroughly confusing explanation of how to hack ITEMS for W&W ??


WillowIX 07-02-2002 02:52 PM

Lol!! Excellent Wyv!!Letīs just hope you donīt get too many replies, lol!!!

And of course: YAAY!!!


[ 07-03-2002, 04:46 PM: Message edited by: WillowIX ]

Loumistro 07-03-2002 04:06 PM

hey Wyvern I have been working on the hacking you taught me and I am starting to learn how to change the roles of the characters.

I still have a little more work to be done if you know how can you tell me so I can finish up what I have been working so hard to do. Cause right now I am stuck.

Felix The Assassin 07-03-2002 05:16 PM

Hey Wyv,
If you were to give us a little bit of your magical powers, I bet we could all run through the Gael Seran with stuff that are only in our dreams.

But....I could come out of retirement, and advance to who knows what level. Or....

How about some very powerful adversaries? Say with 25k hit points, attack 5/2, dealing out 250-300 points of damage per attk, immune to magic, steel, and arrow. Hmm, doing the kung-fu tango with a 3 headed T-Rex sounds very enticing.

I have probably found all that is, ever will be, and ever was in this very addicting game. Termed computer crack, Me tinks.

I'd wager some of the next post would probably start with, WYV; I NEEEEDDD HEEELLLLPPP.

Me tinks this should be left to the tinkers, and leave the boogres to brawl.

Felix The Retired Master of The Night

Packrat 07-03-2002 07:06 PM ...As much as I would reeallyy like to learn how to hack.....I tend to agree with Felix...

I'd wager some of the next post would probably start with, WYV; I NEEEEDDD HEEELLLLPPP.
Only I would say Alot rather than some....

Besides...a little head scratching good for the soul.

[ 07-03-2002, 07:10 PM: Message edited by: Packrat ]

Wyvern 07-03-2002 07:50 PM

Okay - I'll relook over the email explanation I sent to Xignal a while back to teach him to hack items and brush it up. As I warned you - it will be a bit confusing until the "light dawns" and then it is all too simple!

I never tried to alter monsters' stats and the like. Some of you might be able to figure that out.

While you're waiting - go out and get yourselves a nice hex editor. I use HexEdit. Open up one of your save files with it and note how the display has 2 columns - left side is in hexcode and the right almost appears to be english at times (sometimes it is!). Using the scroll bar, scroll yourselves right down to the bottom of the file and click somewhere in the text. Scroll up and look around a bit - you'll find your character names in this area and inventory items - KEWL!
Now close up that save file without doing anything!


(and I mean that!)


Packrat 07-03-2002 08:05 PM

Which HexEdit do you use? The freebie, (v1.03) Windoows, ( $30 2.2) or ???

Wyvern 07-03-2002 08:36 PM

Doesn't really matter as far as I can tell which version of HexEdit or any other hexeditor you care you use.

I bought mine and registered it. I use it often enough that I should indeed reward the author for his efforts! ;)


Packrat 07-03-2002 09:01 PM

Just bought a second puter... gaming) I'll probably try a freebie for now.

( ..too many things left to do and still a few toys left on the shopping list)

Wyvern 07-04-2002 10:12 AM

I'll try to get to the REAL instructions later today - time permitting - but until then I thought I would tell you a bit more about what you're looking at when you use your Hex Editor to open a save file.

Scroll on down to the bottom of the file again and find one of your characters and any of the items in their inventory.

The code for a particular item does not start with the name. Put your cursor on the first letter in the name of the item and see where the "shadow cursor" is over in the hexcode. Continue to look to the left of that place.

Now if you happened to be looking at the code for the Tome of Fire what you would see to the left of where you cursor is placed is:

0B 01 00 00 04 00 00 00 00 00 (and then the hex for Tome of Fire)followed by a whole bunch of 00 00s until you get to the next item.

those are all zeros in case you weren't sure.

the "0B" is the icon code, the graphic code. the "04" has to do with how much space it occupies in the inventory. I'm not positive about the "01". I don't think it is quantity since you can only have one of these per game.

Get used to the code format where I will be listing hexcode then the name of the item (which is in the righthand column, not the hex side) and then hexcode. I found it so much easier to just write the name of the item since you can edit in both columns (hex or text) than to write out the hexcode for "Tome of Fire" or whatever.

METHOD OF EDITING - I use a simple replace one item with another, overwriting the code of some unimportant item with the wanted item.
This is safer than trying to figure out where to stick in a new item.


That's enough information right there to get you in heaps of trouble! ;) More later!


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