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Gavindale 09-05-2013 05:34 PM

Problem Installing NWN
Ok, Iíve been through this before, but I had to uninstall my NWN game due to corrupt files. Anyway, I am reinstalling Neverwinter Nights, and have come under an updating snag. I have the Diamond Edition, and as we all know, there is an updating glitch in the installation process. When trying to update, we get the following message:


So I went and installed this program, and the game loaded fine, until I got this message:

Locate patch file
Can not find patch file:
Get the critical rebuild.
The patch has been aborted

I poked around the Internet, but I canít seem to find this file anywhere to install, or if there is a website out there that I donít know about, one that has a fix for this program. Can anyone help me?

Azred 09-17-2013 04:25 PM

Re: Problem Installing NWN
I think we have all of the patches that need to be installed on the computer at the house. I will look into it, figure out how to zip them for you, then get it sent to you. That is the version I bought and even though I never got into NWN much my wife did and thus we went through this already.

Micah Foehammer 09-18-2013 05:49 PM

Re: Problem Installing NWN
Cut and paste this entire string into a Google search:

hit search

Yorick 07-03-2015 11:25 AM

Re: Problem Installing NWN

Originally Posted by Micah Foehammer (Post 1249610)
Cut and paste this entire string into a Google search:

hit search

You can Bing it too!

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