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Wyvern 11-12-2000 09:22 PM

A wonderful and perverse sense of humor ( did you read her post on cursed items???) would be such a pleasure to players!

Wyvern 11-12-2000 09:24 PM

Did anyone think of what a strange and perhaps wonderful scavenger hunt could be made out of all the messages that have been posted in this forum??

Must be the sake going to my head.


freudianslip 11-12-2000 11:07 PM

Wizards & Warriors Whimsical Writer's Web .. I may be jailed for alliterating without a license soon.. hehe.

Actually Wyv, I was thinking of putting a humor section on the old story archive site; Remember that "Dumb things" post that was floating around? That would be interesting to have a section just for silly things we do, or humorous things we noticed in the game.

freudianslip 11-13-2000 01:21 AM

Hey, is there a girly moment going on here? That's it, out of the pool! ;( (hehe)

For some reason, I was struck with another idea with, while not "useful", per se, would be a neat idea; a map to put up on the site, so we could see from where our fellow author-types hail. I know we have representatives from California, Michigan, Tennessee, and North Carolina, so we're representing a fairly diverse potpourri of American residents. It would be great to entice some overseas visitors, as well...
Hmm.. I wonder if we can get Elara to join our little story writing team.. I've seen her hoppin' around here with several posts.. the time is ripe!

Lily the Ranger 11-13-2000 03:37 AM

Now you've done it! You've made me cry or perhaps it is just the sake and beer chaser (honest I don't often drink). I feel like Sally Fields . . . "You like me, you REALLY like me." I spent the afternoon (sadist that I am) making my picture using paint program in MS Works. First time I tried, I want a stylus for Christmas! I have a spell helmet in mind for Snargol's mother created in your honor. I am extremely annoyed that I have to sleep at night. Tanks, guys!

Wyvern 11-13-2000 12:28 PM

slip - oooo what a great idea!! Do it!

Lily!! You make us all laugh with your creative and lateral thoughts! I swear I spend time just looking to find a message posted by you so I can have a wonderful chuckle!
Yes, we really DO like you!!!

There is magic on this board which has nothing to do with W&W spells!


Scronan 11-13-2000 02:07 PM

Hey, everyone is drinking Sake without giving me any? Just kidding, I don't drink (well at least not anymore that is..he he).

Freud - your ideas are always great! im hoping that DWB will take notice of these jives of humor were poking at the game, but more so to see as things to improve next game.

I'd say he could hire us as beta testers too!

Map idea is good , all good!

now I have to read lily's posts....i spent all day yesterday writing...I think today I'm taking a day off!

ok, time to scour the board.



are wyv and I the only ones in our little group that have finished the game? its gonna tough to write my tale with 5 Zenmasters in it, but do it I shall. the world of Gael Serran will never be the same as the 13-16th zenmasters all walk together! ha!

litebrite2k 11-13-2000 02:47 PM

why stop at beta testing. With all of the creativity, humor, and old school RPG experience of the regular posters here, i think DWB should bring you guys in as design consultants for WWII.

Lily the Ranger 11-13-2000 02:59 PM

OOOOOH! I want to be a beta tester for the next game. Can I? Can I? My children would mutiny or hold me in highest esteem. Does a hot tub (Freud, tell me you wouldn't be in it a hot second! Of course, we shall try to remain PG 13, please) come with the job? Scronan: I don't drink much either (it puts me to sleep). The sake was an inspiration from the Ninja wear thread (I just happened to have some in the fridge). I imbibed in premature anticipation of finding my Samuri baton (DON'T TELL ME where it is - if I can acquire the magma bomb spell and rid the "shire" of Muck and Amazonii, I will find it. Unfair, that groups of monsters will attack my party but ignore each other.
Freud - two things: first, add Alaska to your list of originations; and second, this girl thinks of you on occasion. . . . . It was a dark and stormy night (really, it was!), and my husband's grill began to roll across the deck. "Time to tie it down." I sighed, and then suddenly the top blew off my grill and out of nowhere I thought, "The top blew off my grill, Freud, not girl." PG 13, remember. My husband thinks we are all nuts, but thanks you all for the constant smile upon my face.

RavenW 11-13-2000 03:25 PM

If Lily is in charge of whimsey, I nominate Wyv to be in charge joi de vivre... and .... in game consulting. I mean Ive only gotten as far in the game as I have in large part because of Wyvs hints and helps along the way! And enjoyed getting there from all of your wonderful posts, everyone here makes this forum a great place to learn about w&w and have fun in general. Thanks again all!!

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