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Robert 11-15-2001 03:19 PM

Master Elmiric will no longer sell me spells, healing potions...Nada, zip, zilch!!! Draak keeps handing my butt to me on a plate, and now, I can't get healing potions or mana potions. What to do???

Mouse 11-15-2001 03:30 PM

That is truly puzzling - generally he will sell you potions at anytime. If you are playing the PS version them this may be different. All I can suggest is going back to a savegame when Elmeric was still selling potions and stock up with as many as possible....

Malleus 11-16-2001 07:51 AM

If all the people in the village has been turned to stone, Elmeric won't sell you anything... i suggest to revert to a previous savegame too.


Robert 11-16-2001 12:06 PM

Good advice...thanks. But guess what??? I always clicked on override previous saves...Duh!!! Any other suggestions? Or is all my hard work come to an end?

Mouse 11-16-2001 02:45 PM

Not sure....

For anyone to help, you will have to give a lot of information, eg exact stats, spell and skill levels etc and what tactics you have been using to try and kill Draak. Then we might be able to suggest something.

However, if the PS version is the same as the PC version, there is nothing to stop you starting a new game, gaining more exp, better weapons, equipment and skills etc. on the same diff level and then going to kill Draak when you are better able to do so. It's what I did when starting out.

Oh, and as you have learned the hard way - have more than one save, especially before starting a crucial section of the game [img]smile.gif[/img]

Hope this helps

Robert 11-16-2001 05:07 PM

So basically...I have to start over??? Master Elmiric is a punk. I have VERY little time to play, so its taken me since Christmas to get where I am now. I will get back with you on all the information. From memory, I have a warrior, with a bow and mace...spells are healing and reflections. The bow does 40-44 damage, and the mace does about the same. In Draak's lair, I got him positioned to where he blocks the wyverns from coming after me. The time orb doesn't seem to help me out.

Mouse 11-16-2001 06:41 PM

The time orb is crucial. Get Draak down to about half health, use the time orb and go for broke!!!

Keep trying - you will succeed [img]graemlins/wavey.gif[/img]

Gadzooks 11-16-2001 10:48 PM

Note: The shop owners turn to stone after you cause Draak to turn into a Dragon. If you are low on potions, your only hope is to go back through a few of the dungeons and kill anough of the regenerated monsters to get the potions you'll need.

You may also want to set up a stash in town - set down a bunch of potions instead of selling them to Elmeric cause you can always use them later. The townspeople won't steal any of your stuff!!!


WZ 11-17-2001 05:44 AM

Draak can be beaten VERY easilly provided you have a bow, and wether know Reflexions or have good Fire resistance. Have a look here for more info :
Good luck.

FEBattle 01-06-2008 12:19 PM

Re: Master Elmiric

Originally Posted by WZ (Post 277988)
Draak can be beaten VERY easilly provided you have a bow, and wether know Reflexions or have good Fire resistance. Have a look here for more info :
Good luck.


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