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DracotheBlack 06-19-2001 11:01 AM

ok I'm going brain dead.

I fell thru the trap in the room right after the crush spears. The room has 4 buttons on the walls. when you push them a nastie comes out. How do I get back out of this room ?

thaks for the help.

Last of the true dragons. Darn those knights anyways

Ryanamur 06-19-2001 11:15 AM

You can try jumping out of the pit or using vanish or using teleport.

BTW: you are now in the famous scorpion pit. Do a search on it if you want a very good spoiler on how to use it to your advantage.

Did you manage to get out?

Sazerac 06-19-2001 01:18 PM

You can definitely rack up the XP in this pit!

Reload before you fell in, then activate the pit (just step slightly into the room to do so. From the top, press the buttons down below (for some reason, you can reach them from the top.) Fill the pit with scorpions (20 pushes on either the north, east, or west buttons, but stay away from the south button, as it raises a pillar that you can't get back to the pit from.) Then firebomb them (Burning Haze or Firestorm). You get around 750 to 1000 XP per scorpion, which equates to around 15000 to 20000 total XP. Now repeat the action as long as you like.


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