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DragonLady 11-14-2000 08:00 PM

I am having a hard time turning myself back into well the People we were to start with, I think I have done all I can, I have killed all,
(I have the evil eye) I've touched the Idol with each player with the brew, Soooo Now what ???
Help please

Wyvern 11-14-2000 08:06 PM

There are two idols - which one did you touch?

The idol you need to touch is behind a door which is opened by using the evil eye (you can take it back too which is nice since if you invoke it your character can have the evil eye ability).

What's the "brew"??


Astyanax12 11-15-2000 04:34 AM

Boogre brew is the little barrels of beer you find in the boogre bar, near the starting prison. It does funny things to the idol surrounded by flames, I'm told you can also use it to bribe your way in to the Stout Mines instead of using a writ. Anyone found any other use for it?

Regis 11-15-2000 05:53 AM

I believe its original intent was to either prevent or alleviate being paralyzed by the to the bartender for better info.

Wyvern 11-15-2000 09:23 AM

And I never even tried it! Was it a good vintage??


Astyanax12 11-15-2000 11:07 AM

Itsh pretty good shtuff (hic)

Wyvern 11-15-2000 03:14 PM

Oh!! We shud pobbly hav a party den. Youz brimg da brew and eye'll proovide da cannapez.
Saturday - Serrpentz temple in da liberry - middle nitez. Evrbuddy nvyted!


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