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crymson77 10-03-2001 07:40 PM

How can I change NPC's stats with shadowkeeper? And why won't they let export NPC's ?

Avatar 10-04-2001 03:26 AM

You just do it my friend.
Go into shadow keeper, open the game and change stats.
Hope that helps.

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crymson77 10-04-2001 04:30 AM

yes, but I dont know where you find the stats for the other characters. when i open up a aved game i only see my character...

Mordar 10-04-2001 05:10 AM

You see the little scrollbar below the portrait?

Maybe you should upgrade to the newest version of shadowkeeper ( Or try a windows for dummies book.

Zbyszek 10-04-2001 06:06 AM

There is scrollbar under icon - get newest ShadowKeeper.
Ah, crymson77, I checked about that romance with Aerie. I kept her for some time and flirted with her (variable LoveTalk=11) and then dumped her and Aerie RomanceActive went to 3 in my game - is over. (Before it was 1 - we never actually had any romance - other girls are all the time 1 - we are flirting)

Father Bronze 10-04-2001 09:35 AM


Originally posted by crymson77:
How can I change NPC's stats with shadowkeeper? And why won't they let export NPC's ?
In the menus, you should find the option that says "edit out of party NPC's."

I assume you would like to export an NPC so that you could play it as a PC?
If so, your best bet is to create a similar character and use Shadowkeeper to change the stats to be more accurate. I would think that if you exported an NPC and reloaded as a PC, you would really mess up some of the dialogue and other game variables.

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crymson77 10-05-2001 12:36 AM

Thanks guys, I figured it out. I never scrolled over. My bad.

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