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Sazerac 11-16-2001 02:47 PM

Inspired by the time-honored thread at Wizards & Warriors, here is the thread for all those strategies and tips that you, the players, wish to offer for getting through Wizardry 8! (Acknowledgements to Wyvern for starting the first one at W&W). [img]smile.gif[/img]

<h3>Rules of the Road</h3>
<ul>[*]All posts in here must be tip-related. No off-topic posts allowed...those will be deleted.[*]Only one tip per post.[*]If a tip exists already, don't repost it! Read through the thread to see if it has already been posted.[*]If you have an alternate strategy that works to what has been already posted, then that is an acceptable post.[*]If a tip contains a game spoiler, please put the standard spoiling space (20 blank lines or more) between the SPOILER ALERT message and the "spoil" so that readers can back out if they don't want to be spoiled.[/list]


Neb 11-16-2001 02:48 PM

I just HAVE to post this "classic" tip:

Save often.

Wyvern 11-16-2001 03:31 PM


Save before you shop!

If you don't like the selection the merchant has to offer, reload the game. While the differences aren't significant sometimes that one special item you do want will show up! At the very least you will have some other items from which to choose.


Wyvern 11-16-2001 03:36 PM


A big MUST! Because of the way combat works in Wiz 8, combat begins when your party and the enemy have officially spotted one another. This almost always means that you are some distance away and RANGED WEAPONS bow/sling/spells are the only weapons you'll be able to use right away.
The combat system does include a "walk/run" option which will allow you to move closer to the enemy - plan your attack for the end of that walk/run before you click the "check" button!


Sazerac 11-16-2001 03:40 PM

On the "Save before you Shop" option...the same holds true for treasure chests with random items. Save before you open them, and if you don't like what you get, reload! Sometimes some items are "planned" and others are random; in that case, the "planned" item (generally a key or an artifact) will always be there, and the rest of the items will reload. Quite often it's just more of the same, but every so often a "goodie" will pop in! ;)


Neb 11-16-2001 03:44 PM

A question for Saz:

Do bug exploits count as tips?

Sazerac 11-16-2001 03:47 PM

Neb: if it's a legitimate one, yes, it does. However, I haven't seen any exploitable bugs in the game yet.

Battle strategy tip: When fighting large groups of monsters (esp. raiders and the Savant troopers in and around Arnika), get up against a wall or other obstacle so they can't surround you! That's what saved my butt when I was fighting "the horde" yesterday...otherwise my characters would all be goners.


Ravashack 11-16-2001 05:11 PM

Never underestimate anything green. If there are monsters around, lure them towards the greenie so that they can help out. Exceptions for NPCs that can join. Examples of such green friends include the Higardi Patrol.

Scronan 11-16-2001 07:46 PM

Weapon Skills -

For your main warrior types, get their skills in your weapon of choice up ASAP. Once you hit 50 (without any weapon mods), you will gain a second attack. For Fighters and others with powerful hits, this little difference can make or break you in a big fight! [img]smile.gif[/img]


Elara 11-17-2001 12:57 PM

Building Divine and Fire spell power:

After battle, rest to heal, save, then cast Light(Fire) and Enchant Blade (Divine) at highest power available in orange. If successful, save again and rest only until your mage regains spell points. You will still have turns left in each spell and your skill levels will pump up speedily. By level 7, my mage had full power in both light and enchant weapon. The same applies to minor healing in your psionic, ranger, etc. The spell must be productive, ie. necessary, but even if it fizzles, it will be a count toward that skill. When your priest gets magic screen, do the same. Makes a *big* difference in combat, because you don't waste the spell points on protection so you get to be more *offensive*, if you know what I mean. ;)


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