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Beaumanoir 03-09-2002 05:47 PM

*Eruna Was Lying In Bed. Staring At The Ceiling, He Rolled Sideways And Got Up. Stretching His Arms Out Wide, He Pondered Over To The Spring Which Came Out Of The Mountain Outside. Bending Down He Washed His Hands And Face*

*Staring Round At The Woods Down Below The Base Of The Mountain, He Saw A Small Trail Of Light, A Line Of Red Light Travelling Through The Woods Towards The Base Of The Mountain. Looking Up, He Saw His Friend Flying Towards Him*

"Hail Uiorna!" He Cried Out "How Are You Today?"

*The Elf Landed Next To Eruna And Spoke*

"Eruna!! I Saw Humans. Coming This Was To The Mountain. They Brandished Weapons And Fire!"

*He Turned Around And Went To His House. Picking Up A Dark Black Sword, He Came Back Out*

"Come. We Shall Have A Better Look"

*The Two Took Off And Darted Down The Side Of The Mountain, Spying On Group Of Humans Below. They Were All Wearing Armour And Weilding Swords And Torches, All Apart From Two Archers At The Back, And A Sinister Looking Mage In The Middle.*

*While They Looked On, One Of The Men At The Front Looked Up Right At Them, And Called To An Archer At The Back. Although What He Said Could Not Be Heard. The Archer Loaded An Arrow Into His Bow And Lit It On A Near By Torch. He Fired It Right Upwards Into The Air And It Struck Uiorna On The Left Wing. It Quickly Lit And Burnt*

*Giving A Scream, Uiorna Could Do Nothing But Plummet To The Floor. He Dissapeared Through The Trees, And The Huamns Kept On Walking Through The Woods Towards The Mountain*

*Eruna Dived To Where His Friend Fell. But He Couldn't Help. He Was Dead. Killed By The Impact Of The Floor.*

*He Needed To Leave To Warn The Others. But He Couldn't Just Abandon His Friend So Soom. After What Seemed Like Forever, He Took Off Up The Mountain, Zooming Up Into The Air Back Towards His Village. But It Was Too Late. It Was Up In Flames. The Whole Village Had Been Burned; But By Whom? Who Had A Grudge Against His Village Enough To Kill Them All?*

*He Wanted To Fly Down To The Humans Who Were Stood In The Village And Kill Them All. He Felt Like He Could. He Felt Like He Could Take On The World With This Anger. But His Wisdom Got The Better Of Him. He Was Barely 100 Years Of Age. He Had Plenty Of Time To Get Revenge On Who Did This. Turning Round In Mid-Flight, He Sped Away Over The Woods.*

*After About An Hours Flight Straight South, He Landed In A Clearing In A Different Wood. He Sat Down On A Log And Thought. His Home, His Friends, His Possesions. All Destroyed. He Had Nothing. He Polished His Sword With A Piece Of Rag And Lay Down To Have A Rest*

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Billy Yank 03-10-2002 01:09 PM

Michael had been walking since just before sunrise, and now the daylight was streaming down through the trees. He had plenty of time to reach the Festhall of the Goddess before the Great Feast began, so he was taking his time through the lovely forest that surrounded him. He looked quite out of place in his shockingly bright tunic of pink and yellow over a suit of studded leather armor. He was armed with a simple looking club.

As the day brighted around him, he began whistling, then he pulled his recorder from its sheath on his belt and began to play a jaunty walking tune. He noticed that he was nearing a clearing in the wood.

Beaumanoir 03-10-2002 01:18 PM


*Eruna Was Meditating Behind A Log. He Had Been Sat There In Silence For About 2 Hours. Suddenly, He Heard A Noise From Down The Track To The East. Opening One Eye, And Peering Round The Side Of The Log, He Saw A Brightly Colourd Man Walking Up Towards Him. Had He Been Spotted? Was He Another Man Like The Ones Who Destroyed His Village? Hoping He Hadn't Been Seen, He Rolled To The Side, Quickly Stood Up And Propelled Himself To The Top Of A Near-By Tree. Kneeling On One Of The Branches And Trying To Stay Hidden, He Tucked His Wings In And Waited For The Man To Come Through So He Could Get A Closer Look*

OOC: <font color="red">Hey Billy. Ok, I'm Going To Post My Character Here, Just For Reference.</font>

<font color="skyblue">Name: Eruna Xilokerym
Race: Avariel
Allignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Fighter/Mage
Level: 8 / 3

Str: 15
Dex: 21
Con: 11
Int: 12
Wis: 15
Chr: 15

Description: Eruna stands about 5"4 High and has long silver hair which stretches down to about his elbows. His wings are of a brilliant pure white and he has four black 'lines' running over his cheeks which come down towards his mouth from underneath his hair; Two on each side. Around his neck is a symbol to his god, Aerdrie Faenya. He is rarely seen without this on. He, like all Avariel, has a crushing fear of small spaces and suffers from serious Claustrophobia.

Languagues: Eruna speaks Fluent Auran, Common and Elven. Good Sylvan And Limited Draconic. He Also Knows A Small Amount Of Avariel Sign Language


Long Sword: ***
Small Sword: *


A Long Sword Made From Obsidan
A Small Dagger Made From Avariel Glassteel</font>

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TAOWolf 03-10-2002 11:29 PM

<font color="teal">She stares out from the shadows of the trees, letting the leaves fall on her back as she stares at the people in the clearing ahead of her. Snarling softly, the wolf silently moves forward 100 yards, then drops again.....watching, eyes glowing softly silver...</font>

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Beaumanoir 03-11-2002 06:56 AM

*As The Brightly Coloured Figure Walks Through The Clearing, Eruna Jumped Down Silently And Snuck Up, Placing His Sword To The Back Of His Neck.*

"Halt, Identify Yourselff Or You Will Die..."

Billy Yank 03-11-2002 07:32 AM

"Ho, friend let's not be hasty. I am Michael Delborn, priest and minstrel in service to Our Lady of Joy. I'm not carrying much gold, but you can have what I've got."

OOC: My character

Name: Michael Delborn
Race: Human
Align: CG
Class: Cleric/Bard
Level: 8/3

Str: 12
Dex: 15
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 18
Cha: 17

Description: Michael is 19 years old. 6'4", 228 lbs, brown eyes, black hair. He wears the bright colors and holy symbol of a priest of Lliira (if we're in the Realms). He's usually humming or singing and comes across as a jolly young lad, always willing to make a new friend and buy the next round.

Club +3
Shortbow +1

Beaumanoir 03-11-2002 01:41 PM

*Eruna Pulls His Sword Back From His Neck And Lowers It By His Side, But He Doesn't Sheath It, Just In Case He Needs To Draw It Quickly*

"It Is Not Your Money Or Your Possesions That I Want. I Am Not A Brigand Or Highway Man And Take Offence To The Idea That I Am. My Name Is Eruna Xilokerym, Warrior And Mage Of My Village..."

*A Look Of Sadness Creeps Upon His Face As He Remembers The Incidents Of This Morning. It Was Now Nearing Evening*

TAOWolf 03-11-2002 05:22 PM

<font color="teal">She watches this exchange from the shadows, trying to decide if she should reveal herself just yet......~no, I will follow for a while yet...~....

She looks up at the sky, the platinum amulet bracer around her neck catching the sunlight, reflecting it back to itself, unseen....

The leaves barely rustle in her wake as she moves closer, covering her trail as she passes........</font>

Beaumanoir 03-11-2002 05:27 PM

*Eruna Looks At Michael*

"You Are Not Like The Ones Who Killed My Friends, You Are Not All Dressed In Armour And Armed With Wea-"

*Seeing A Small Change In The Leaves Over Michaels Shoulder, He Suddenly Backflips To The Top Of The Tree And Looks Down To Where He Just Saw... Looking Down, He Saw A Large Wolf Like Creature, Staring Back At Him*

OOC: Normally I Wouldn't Of Seen You, But Avariels Recieve Extremely Good Eyesight Bonuses

TAOWolf 03-11-2002 05:38 PM

OOC: cool, it's nice to have a race be able to see me once in awhile, gives me a chance to use different spells :D


<font color="teal">She looks up at the......the....~the wolf cannot think of the common term for this person in her language, so she will call him "winged-one" for now~......She raises a paw to the bracer around her neck, and the bloodstone set there flash bright red, swirling the leaves in the forest into a whirlwind around the wolf.......

As the leaves settle, KayLisa stands there, in a warder's cloak, black clothing, an ancient sword on her belt, and gloves on her hands. She pushes the hood of her cloak back, looking up with eyes that are glowing a soft amber/silver color, pulling her braid out, the silver/blonde hair falling to her knees........</font>

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