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-SiNCuBuS- 11-25-2000 09:47 AM

Could someone tell me where to find the cloak of mirrors? thanx ppl

Suul-Yinn 11-25-2000 10:04 AM

You find it while wandering around the Suahagin city. A priest is wearing it and when you kill her party after they attack you first, it's yours. However, you can only get to the city if you accept Saemon's help to leave Spellhold and leave by ship. If you used the portal, go back to an earlier save as it makes beholders as easy as kobolds.

-SiNCuBuS- 11-25-2000 10:10 AM

thanx alot...hehe i didn't go on the ship, so i'll reload my save just near there

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