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Matt 11-27-2000 07:59 PM

How do you kill that wretched thing? And how do you get in that room next to him? I still can't find all evil figures. I need to know the one I'm missing and where it comes . I have the paw, the head, blue figure, the tooth, and I need one more. I have got the one from the vampire lady and the wizard. I need to know what the room looks like and which one you get in it.

xenotoca 11-27-2000 09:45 PM

1 in the armoury with the skelly behind the gate with the broken yank (hence the phrase US)
1 with the Vamp
1 in the vault the one with all the yank pulls that you have to work out
1 in De Sotos room

xenotoca 11-27-2000 10:21 PM

oops forgot the one you get from Ankabar is it when you meet him out side the castle. Once you have charged up the masque dont wear it use it on Helle whilst he is spouting on then he is vunerable to your weapons.

Bet you wish you had done the temple and Shruggen before the spire now dont you.

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