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Blackthorn 12-05-2000 11:05 PM

I am in the Crypts... (I am just starting ) and it is dark.
I tried to use a torch... and it doesn't help at all. I tried
casting Torchlight on my character #1 and it didn't help. My #2
character is a Whiskas who has night vision I think.

If I put him in the #1 slot will this help lighten up the dungeons or
just selecting him while I adventure..will this do the same thing?

Please help... I am in the dark... and this could be some weird bug
with Nvidia Geforce2 cards and the crypt...

Yours truely,
Left in the dark

emilyh 12-05-2000 11:10 PM

Could be that your torchlight spell just isn't powerful enough at this point. When your wizard levels this early in the game, pump up the sun spells, and your spirituality and intelligence to get more stats - you get some cool sun spells later on in the game anyway. Try night vision for the heck of it.


tritone 12-05-2000 11:36 PM

I find that the combination of a Whiska's nightvision and the level 3 Sun spell Illuminate solves virtually all my vision problems. The implementation of lighting in the game seems a little buggy though, cos occasionally even this won't make a difference.

thoon 12-06-2000 01:44 AM

I went to the control panel and turned up the alpha until I got the illuminate spell. It definitely decreased the beauty, but at least I could see.

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