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paul 11-20-2000 05:18 AM

Where is the D'Soto Ghost ???, where is his tower isn't the one, in the right side of the castle complex??, if it is how to get in ???, The last element is in his tower or something is it ??.Btw I've found the face from armory, the pawn from Ardiben, the Darkness from room w/ Gargoyle to yank, and the tusk from Lysandra.

Isbeorn 11-20-2000 07:11 AM

The entry is from below
Somewhere from the sewewrs you can get up into the tower
(I think it was somewhere above Lysandra)

Wyvern 11-20-2000 09:07 AM

There are stairs that continue upward from where you met Lysandra. YOu will get to a room at the top in which you will need to switch a lever. You will actually be "removed" from the dungeon. D'Soto's tower is actually not in the dungeon but only accessable by going through the dungeon. Hope you can find it now!


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