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StarVid 10-18-2001 12:22 AM

I was fooling around in BG1 earlier and I noticed this. I've been told that the charisma of whomever you send to talk to a shopkeeper sets the prices. So I get my rep up to 20 and go to buy the dagger of venom. I send my mage to talk to him, because he just casted 2 friends spells. I scroll down, and notice that the dagger is still pretty expensive. So, just for kicks, I switch my party order so my mage is in the top/first/#1 slot, and what do you know? I'm paying half. Therefore, the party leader's charisma -is- important for more than just morale. Can anyone test this for BG2? I bet it's the same, but I'd like to be sure.

With this in mind, I think I'll take Keldorn for my party leader in BG2. Yeah, I could use the ring of human influence, but then that leader looses a ring slot that could have been used for a more combat useful ring.

Anywhos, just thought y'all would like to know.

Fuzzy Animal 10-18-2001 12:53 AM

I never really worried to much about
charisma, until I played a druid.
Charisma is one of the prime requisites
of the druid. You now have me curious
what a high charisma will mean in BG2.
I never worry about buying stuff because
I do all the quests, and always seem to
have enough gold.

mitsos 10-18-2001 10:07 AM

You coulg just store the ring in your inventory and wear it only when you talk to a merchant in a shop.

tehmpus 10-18-2001 10:10 AM

Mitsos has the right idea. Just carry the ring around to wear when you feel like spending some of that ill-gotten gold.

StarVid 10-18-2001 10:28 AM

but considering that it can also affect the results of quests and other NPC interactions (as well as morale in battle), it's actually quite useful to have a party leader with high charisma. I realize now that that I can't take Keldorn because I plan to have Vic along. But I wonder, if it effects -only- financial rewards and such, and not actual gameplay, then it doesn't really matter to me. Anyone have a way of definitively figuring this out?

Morgeruat 10-18-2001 02:57 PM

true, but with the helm of glory and rose sword in combination with the ring (my leader was a paladin from BG1 so i already had a 19CHR from the tome) it brins you up to an amazing 23 (my char has 24) things are much cheaper, i also have a 20 rep so i pay very little for alot of great gear.

StarVid 10-18-2001 05:13 PM

I don't know what the helm and sword do, but regardless, I don't think it's worth wasting all those equip slots on cha increasing gear. I think that with the ring alone will be good enough, and I'll put my PC (human cleric/mage) as party leader with multiple friends castings when it's time to shop. Too bad I can't take Keldorn (I want Vic), he would rock.

crimsonson 10-18-2001 08:49 PM

I think Charisma also plays in party stabilitity.

I have Minsc and Edwin in my party. They suppose to fight and one must die. So far, 3 chapters and 100+ days, they have only talked 3 times. Edwin has 'threatened' to leave but always gives me a dialog choice to return right after. Just a thought.

Archon Devangilous 10-19-2001 01:35 AM

dont sitch keldorn, unless you plan to have a romance with vicconia ditch her she gets extremley annoying and overall i dont think shes that powerful

Nor shadow or myst
the jester is a myth
he is absolute
beware the jester

StarVid 10-19-2001 09:52 AM

Personally, I think she's better/less annoying than Anomen. Besides, she fits better into the storyline.

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