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GREATBRUNO 11-28-2000 12:19 PM

Where should i go after Anephas tomb ? directly to this pyramid or should'nt i find tablets before and where?

Thanx for help (specially Wyv if he is here......)

Drukus 11-28-2000 12:28 PM

To get into Cets pyramid you must first have all 3 of the Tablets, Which can be found in the Colousium, which is under the watter in the middle of the uncharted sea. So find em, use em and everyone will be happy..... YAY!

Sloth 11-28-2000 12:28 PM

The next thing you need to do is go to the Collasium. You will need to get the underwater breathers, and go to the middle of the enchanted sea. Have fun, and more importantly, think in three dimensions. There are tons of chests everywhere!

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