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Kyrvias 05-26-2011 02:39 PM

Help with Haks and the Erf folder?
<font color = mediumspringgreen>So I decided to install NWN: Diamond once again, and have a full crack at the campaigns, and to do as much as I could/chapter.

Started a Rogue/Ranger in the vanilla campaign, which is great. Linu makes a very useful companion. The problem lies, however, in Shadows of Undrentide. I had planned to play a Sorcerer, and tried downloading this Mischa mod , allowing me to have a proper warrior henchman at my side.

PRoblem is, when I go into my NWN folder, there's no "Erf" file, and I can't follow the instructions in the link/readme. I tried creating an erf folder, and copy pasting the file, but to no avail. She still won't come along.

Anyone able to shed some light on this? </font>

Legolas 05-26-2011 03:45 PM

Re: Help with Haks and the Erf folder?
I've not tried the mod myself but it doesn't look too complicated - which is not to say you missed anything obvious.

Step 1: unzip to wherever you like, though making a NeverwinterNights/NWN/erf folder for it is recommended to keep track of it and all your future .erf files.
Step 2: Fire up the toolset
Step 3a: Open up the first of the SoU campaigns by going to File->Open->Campaign Modules and selecting the appropriate one. If you haven't played through the campaign yet it's not unlocked for use in the toolset so go to step 3b.
Step 3b: Close the toolset. Go to your NeverwinterNights/NWN/nwm folder and copy the three XP1-files to your NeverwinterNights/NWN/modules folder (make one if you haven't got it). Rename the file extensions to .mod rather than .nwm. Restart your toolset and open the first file.
Step 4: Go to File->Import and search for the erf you extracted under step 1. Open that and overwrite everything.
Step 5: Save your module under a different name, namely "SoU-Chapter 1".
Step 6: Repeat the process for the other two files, saving them under "SoU-Interlude" and "SoU-Chapter 2".
Step 7: Close the toolset and run NWN.
Step 8: Start a new game, but instead of choosing the official SoU one look under Other Modules and pick SoU-Chapter 1. Now you should be good to go.

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