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Gavindale 08-24-2009 07:47 PM

Questions about some fighter feats...
Hey everyone, I just wanted to post a quick question about the feats ambidexterity, .two weapon fighting, and improved two weapon fighting. Are they accumulative, and if so, how does that work? Iím starting the game over and have never really made a fighter character before, I wanted to make him with ambidexterity, two weapon fighting, improved two weapon fighter, and work my way into cleave, greater cleave, and some weapon specialization. With all that in mind, when using two weapons at the same time, is there a discrepancy between using light weapons and the more heavily natured weapons? And with picking a favored weapon, am I looking to something available in the beginning or should I plan ahead on that one? Anyway, I need to go, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Legolas 08-25-2009 03:54 AM

Re: Questions about some fighter feats...
The bonuses are cumulative, just like it says in the table at the back of the manual, and it does indeed help if your off-hand weapon is small or tiny (or just tiny in the case of gnomes and halflings).
Using different main and off-hand weapons does have a disadvantage though; you'd want to specialize in two weapons rather than one. Solve the problem by either using two small weapons of the same type (though that does reduce the damage you deal), or using one of those exotic two-bladed dire thingies instead.
Your favoured weapon could be anything; but unless you already know you want to wield x or y by the end of the game you could just go with whatever you're actually using.
Final note; remember to have at least 13 STR and 15 DEX so you can take all the feats you'd like. And 13 INT never hurts a fighter either...

Greything 08-28-2009 05:33 PM

Re: Questions about some fighter feats...
The 13INT was, I think, a hint to look at Weaponmaster as an epic build.

Dual wielding is OK and there are weapons which suit it. Trouble is you may have to take the exotic weapons feat to make the best of it.

Taking mace as a weapon is a good compromise. Small weapon, anyone can use it, low penalties for dual wielding whatever your build/species and when in doubt you should have enough feats to go one-handed and sit behind a shield.

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