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Accord 12-11-2000 03:49 PM

Minsc is a pure offensive powerhouse in BG2, how can ppl hate him? I have to admit his comments gets annoying at times......
Just give him a helm of charm protection, a decent set of armour, and let him duel wield any of the following two weapons: mace of disruption, skullcrusher, stonefire, and frostreaver. (and let the body parts fly....)

stred 12-11-2000 04:19 PM

with the piece of equipment there is in bg2 EVERYONE can be a tank (low dext=gaunlets of dexterity,low str.=gaunlets of ogre power,girlds of strenght) got it? sooo it all comes to that:who needs the least? for Minsc i had to fix dexterity to protect him from charm and have allways Keldorn with him to dispell everything else,also i had to tolerate his annoying personality (think of this :you fight for your life and you have along a man with a rat and need of phyciatrick help? nooo way!)
Keldorn maybe is not soo cool but he is the ideal paladin,he is exactly as i thought paladins are.

p.s. my fighter/thief was dying less times from Minsc even when i was using him as main fighter!

MidNightForce 12-11-2000 05:02 PM

Minsc is good, but i cannot accept if you say hes much better than keldorn! Minsc has a really funny character, so hes amusing me always but when fighting keldorn is as good as minsc, if not better, especially when equipped with holy avenger. Not to forget his very very important 2 spells: ban magic and true sight or true eye (i have the german version of the game ). In the next game ill start i really have to think, which of them 2 shall i take... Keldorn with his fighing and magic abilities or Minsc with his psychopatic wonderfull art, which is amusing me so much... What you would do guys?

Melusine 12-11-2000 05:07 PM

Offtopic to MidnightForce: You have the German version??? There was some speculation on the board about foreign versions of the game a while ago.... does this mean a completely translated verion o/t game???? That would really really really suck big time!! But hell, half of the european countries have all their movies dubbed anyway so you're probably used to it...(fortunately, Holland isn't one of them!! )

MidNightForce 12-11-2000 05:16 PM

well i have to say that in Bg1 the work of the people who translated all things, really big sucked. But Bg2 on german is not that bad, well ok i dont ever know the english version, so i cannot say that and cannot compare both. But the translation is quite good i think. Especially when you go into a tavern and speak to a drunken man, you have to laugh if you can speak german, because they even use dialect. And im curious about some npc voices: Is jaheira having in the english version a sexy voice too? you know like ambrosia hehehe. And minsc i have to say rocks as entertainment char. Only Imoen has a crapped voice, which is really gettin on my nerves. Is this in the english version too?

Melusine 12-11-2000 05:56 PM

MidnightForce: Could you pleasepleaseplease send me some more (lots more!!! ~drools greedily~ ) info on your german version of BG2?? I am really interested in this as I'm a language/literature student. So maybe you could email me some of the hot lines that the characters have, like for example what kind of things Minsc says (does he have an Ostfriesisch accent? ) and some quotes from characters
Oh I'm not sure about the voices as I'm female but I think Viconia and Jaheira sound quite sexy

emdo1 12-11-2000 06:03 PM

i love the character...ive made him for icewind..complete with authentics sounds and Boo!!! of course...

BaatoRyan 12-11-2000 11:57 PM

I've been always whining about who I want to remove in party just to fit in another created player... I don't remove Minsc in my party even if he is so prone to charms and whatever! Even if he is so lame, I don't remove him for one reason, he is one the funniest people I know!!!! You're like going to miss half of you're BG2 game if you don't include at least him or Jan!

Migosh 12-12-2000 01:09 AM

Come on. Minsc can get you into spellhold, all you have to do introduce him to the pirate captin. Some of the funnyest dialog ive seen.

Peewee 12-12-2000 01:18 AM

In my opinion Minsc isn't one to be hated, but can get annoying sometimes, always rephrasing his few lines "swords, not words", "a den of stinking evil", etc. However, i just dropped him out of my party, because he had to few HP (due to con i guess) and becomes the target of domination spells to easily.
I replaced Minsc with Valygar, and to be honest, i didn't regret it one time. Valygar may not be THAT cool, but his stats are much more impressive, he does own his family armor and the way-cool katana. In fact, combined with the Boots of Speed and another weapon he's a killer.

At this point I'm in Chapter 5: my party until now:

Myself- Fighter: lvl. 17.
Valygar- Ranger: lvl. 14
Keldorn-Paladin: lvl. 12 with Corsymr ROCKS!!
Jaheira- Fighter-Druid: lvls 12-13.
Imoen - Thief-Mage: lvl. 12
Edwin: Mage: lvl. 14

Korgan: would have been an option if my head char wasn't a fighter-type.
Anomen: sucks, and he's a real tease.
Nalia and Aerie: both too weak, don't stand up against Edwin or Imoen.
Haer'Dalis: not as good as Imoen i guess
Mazzy: not as good as Korgan or the rest of the fighter-types.
Viconia: could be an option, but a bit too weak, Jaheira is a much better choice.
Cernd: didn't go to Trademeet yet.
Jan: THE MOST IRRITATING brat of them all. He even beats Anomen the wimp. I think Jan is more of circus freak show person than a sturdy adventurer. I checked him for three minutes and then i dumped him.

By the way, i'm still looking for the Girdle of Frost Giant Strength, the Blade of The Equalizer, The Talking Sword, and the Sling+5. SOme help please?


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