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SecretMaster 10-31-2001 04:10 PM

K, i'm askin for ur opinion. Wut do u think of my party.

Me-Rats, LE Assassin
Korgan Bloodaxe-fighter
Viciona-Drow Cleric
Edwin Odesserion-human male conjurer
Yoshi-Bounty hunter. When he dies i'm getting(TOB SPOILER sarevok)
Jan Jansen-gnomish thief-illusionist.

I want mage power, so i took those Jan and Edwin. Rats is pretty good at his job, and Jan will also be my backup. i have viciona, and i'll give her some kind of girlde. When i get Sarevok, my party in my oponion, will be very good. Wut do u think?

Tis your lives to waste
-Drizzt do Urden

Synthos 10-31-2001 04:16 PM

Personally, I think you should ditch either Jan or Yoshimo, you have too many theives.. Otherwise you're good to go, replace one of them with Minsc or Jahiera, they're both good tankers.


"Est Sularis Oth Mithas"-->Honour Is My Life

SecretMaster 10-31-2001 04:21 PM

Only prob is i'm evil, i'd take jaheria, but she's on her way to oblivion, lets just say... Harper business.

Tis your lives to waste
-Drizzt do Urden

Lord Exxon 10-31-2001 04:23 PM

Yeah, its a good party, but as Synhos said, you should cnage either Jan or Yoshimo. But do not choose Minsc or Jaheira, cause with that evil party, it will just be fights. I would have changed them with Haer'Dalis.


What we do in life, echoes in eternity
(Member of Keldorns Orden)

SecretMaster 10-31-2001 04:30 PM

is he good. I like bards an all, but i don't know, he seems like an ughhhhhhhhh character. I think its the face that got me.

Tis your lives to waste
-Drizzt do Urden

Sorcerer Alex 10-31-2001 06:06 PM

Pretty good party, a decent balance of everything

Byronas 10-31-2001 06:10 PM

Pretty good party. You might finish BG2 with it.

Where there are monsters and barbarians there will be Byronas fighting against them.
Leader of Keldorn's Order

andrewas 10-31-2001 06:19 PM

far be it for me to criticize, but there is a fairly massive spoiler in you post, SecretMaster. starts with an S...

as for your party, its good, but its evil.

Lazarus 10-31-2001 06:25 PM

Remember one more thing..
Minsc and Edwin will Fight at some point.

The Genesis
It is only the beginning...

SecretMaster 10-31-2001 10:23 PM

Wuts the spoiler Andrewas? tell me, i forgot,(or might not know) but i don't care. Sorry, i responded late, todays halloween, and i went to get candy, but i feel reallllyyyyyy sick.

Tis your lives to waste
-Drizzt do Urden

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