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Kalgrog 11-08-2000 11:07 AM

Hi. I just wanted to know if there were stat requiements along with needing the dagger? Also, must the potential new assassin be holding the dagger (i.e. equip it)? If so then I would have to switch to a paladin or some warrior class before the conversion to assassin, I suppose.

Any helpful info here would be great. Thanks!

Silversword 11-08-2000 01:03 PM

I originally converted a priest to an assassin but quickly went back to a previous save when I realized how important the high level priest spells are and the fact that I would never be able to get them after the conversion.

I didn't have any problems with stats during the conversion. Standard priest stats appear to be good enough.

You don't need to equip the dagger. In fact you loose the dagger when you become an assassin.

Kalgrog 11-08-2000 01:56 PM

This would be my original priest that I convert to the assassin. He lacks only 1 or 2 spells in the Spirit area and just a few more in Vine Magic. I plan on getting all the spells before the conversion. Other than the high lvl spells, it should be a pretty good combo because with only his spirit and vine magics he rather sucks in the damage category. Assassin should more than equal out the melee for him. Thanks for the help.

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