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Bungleau 09-17-2006 01:31 AM

What a way to finish up the last night of gaming for a few!

First, the peasants ran the gauntlet around Ishad N'ha to get Periwinkle up a level. After a little bit, success... and 16,000 XP to her next level.

Definitely not time for the Boogre Caves... way too much experience in there, and with her now in four (count 'em, F-O-U-R!) guilds, way too many training opportunities to lose. Might as well go to the dragon spire and run the gauntlet there... that's worth more XP :D

So we head over there, and as we descend into the entrance, we get a suspicion that something just spawned... and sure enough, a trio of spiders just popped up behind us. We dispatch them with the usual swords and spells, and head in to the Spire.

No sooner do we cross the bridge and run through the door but we see a horrendous sight... Fuming Fungus! Right in the entry way! And they're mad as all get out!


Okay, what spells... Peri, give 'em a meteorstorm. Let's see what happens... wow! It seems to work! But they didn't all fall in its range... and there are two more... and they're breathing....


*sigh* Flicker...?


*gasp* R-E-T-R-E-A-T!!!!!!!!!

Then we do something I'm not very proud of... we leave the spire, halfway hoping the fungi will be gone when we go back in. But in the meantime, we can heal and such. And bring the dead back to life...

We go back in, and they're still there. Taking deep breaths, the peasants take them on... and eventually win.

Onward to the bronze beast.... Eljayess in the front, please... what? It's still breathing after us? Hit the lever... hit the lever... HIT THE !#$%!#$ LEVER!!!!!.... Aw, heck... RUNNNNNN!N!NN!N!!!!!!!

A couple of cave hounds attacked just as the peasants neared the lever, and they couldn't activate it. After the cave hounds pushed up daisies, they finally hit the lever, and the beast stopped.

Onward.... past the drop hole... on to where the... yep, there they are. The *normal* fuming funguses.... Eljayess, why don't you cast Meteorstorm this time? Peri's still a bit tired from the last one... good job! They all went down for the count. Kill that Squix.... good. Check out the chest in the river... got it. Swim across, get to the first opening on the other side, and....


Three shambling slags hanging around the corner... and nope, peasants spells still don't work on them well. Flame drop works once, maybe twice per cast... but little else does. No sun, no stone...

HEY! We forgot!!! Peri knows moon magic now!! Any good spells?

Well, iceball... let's see how it... WOWZAH! It did major damage!!! Do it again.... YES!!! And again..... what???? what do you mean, no more mana??? Quick, who's *thud* got some *thud*


Crap! In the river, can't swim well.... get to the other side and heal up.

Defeating the slags took almost every mana potion we had, and almost every spell. Dragon breath, zap, lightning, venom bite... we tried everything. Amazingly, vine spells don't work well on them, but no matter... they soon went down to iceballs a la Winkle.

Taking out those spiders at the start with sword and spell is now feeling pretty foolish. I want mana now.... and I'm not going to get it :(

Scorthion went down to another meteorstorm, and after getting the crank (and defeating the two taranta larvae), the peasants saw a welcoming party... more fuming fungi and some rock scorpions... and a couple of cave jellies that decided to join in.

Meteorstorm to the rescue... only we need two! Someohow, one of the fungi missed the initial storm.... take THAT! annnnnd THAT! HAH!

Mushroom burgers, anyone? :D

We did discover that even though Kol's staff turns into an attack icon when you mouse over it, you still can't attack him without CTRL-attack. Tried several times, and I know we should have attacked him. Refreshing to know, that.

A bit more exploring, but it's now back to Ishad N'ha to level up Peri, who now needs only 6,000 more XP for her next level. I feel some more gauntlet time coming up... :D

More news later on.

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MJG 09-17-2006 02:41 AM

yay for mushroom burgers... my prefered way of dealing with those things was to lead them to a place where i could squish them.... or just slice at them with my double handed long sword :D


Wyvern 09-17-2006 12:24 PM

Thud and Thud - I think that was my favoritest part! lol!!!

They're such brave peasants!!! (foolish, but BRAVE!!!!)

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