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syphen 12-06-2000 07:45 AM

ok, i went the path of the wizard and i ended up in a room that looks like this;

key: 0=pillar F=fire B=button

| F F |
| |
| F=healing fire |
| F O O F |
now what do i do to get out, the button goes up or down on either side, with a healing fire in the middle. everytime i get close to the door it shuts onme, what do i do?

syphen 12-06-2000 07:47 AM

the picture that i tried to do didnt turn out very good, but please help me. its a room with 7 fire thingies and one healing thingie in the middle with 2 levers in it.

carg 12-06-2000 07:55 AM

try reading the walkthrough in the help directory.
(Nasty isn't it, that you enter your mails in another font than it is displayed!)
(You have to pull both levers and walk to the exit without crossing the healing flame.)

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