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sloth4z 11-09-2001 05:29 PM

Is it possible to run the guildhouse and side with Bodhi?

Dreamer128 11-09-2001 05:38 PM

No, she wont accept thiefs into her guild.

Amergin 11-11-2001 02:32 AM

sorry, but velkyn is incorrect. as long as you do the maevar quest and get the guild before going to see bodhi, you can keep your guild and side with bodhi. she doesnt care. it is remarkable because even though you eventually wipe out the thieves' guild, that guy still comes by every week for renal's due, despite renal and aran being dead now [img]tongue.gif[/img] .

Debaser 11-11-2001 03:58 AM

Oh, this is just excellent to find out. I just started a multi-player evil party, and I want to do the Renal Bloodscalp quests to get the thief stronghold, but also side with Bodhi. kickass news.
my multi-player party (still in Irenicus's dungeon) is as follows:

Kesial, an elven fighter/mage/thief (child of Bhaal) (CE)
Demuine, a half-elven female sorcerer (NE)
Argolias, a human barbarian (CE)
Dreyk, a dwarven priest of Talos (LE)
Eben'Shar, a female monk (LE)

i left the sixth slot open for different NPCs and their quests. i think i'm going to end up keeping Korgan toward the end of SoA, and into ToB because the party could definitely use a bloodthirsty badass like Korgan. or maybe i'll keep Edwin, and go the magic-heavy route. we'll see...:2gunfire:

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